Mapping the Community Response to COVID-19 in Wales

Using open data and digital footprint analysis to identify the communities in greatest need of support

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About the project

Identifying vulnerability

Since the pandemic started communities have been mobilising to help each other; from shopping for elderly neighbours, to offering a friendly face or other support. This map is part of an effort to better understand which communities have better community cohesion and organisation.

Highlighting need and support

Understanding which communities are vulnerable during this pandemic can help government agencies and third sector organisations consider which areas need the most help. Community support can offer a protective factor against adverse events. Some areas are more vulnerable than others and this map highlights the areas where there is an imbalance between support and need that suggests they could benefit from additional support.

Project team

This project is a collaboration between the Public Health Wales Research & Evaluation Division and the Dynamic Genetics lab, part of the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit at the University of Bristol and supported by the Alan Turing Institute.

University of Bristol

Dr Oliver Davis
Associate Professor and Turing Fellow
Dr Valerio Maggio
Senior Research Associate in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Dr Alastair Tanner
Research Software Engineer
Nina Di Cara
MRC-funded Doctoral Researcher
Chris Moreno-Stokoe
ESRC-funded Doctoral Researcher
Benjamin Woolf
ESRC-funded Doctoral Researcher

Public Health Wales

Dr Alisha Davies
Head of Research & Evaluation
Dr Jiao Song
Public Health Research Statistician
Elysha Rhys-Sambrook
Project Support Officer
Lucia Homolova
Public Health Research Assistant
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If you would like your local community group to appear on the map, please register it with COVID-19 Mutual Aid. Note that it may take a couple of days to update.
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